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Treatable Conditions

The following conditions are commonly treated using DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy:

Sports & Occupational Injuries

Most sporting and occupational injuries can be treated using DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.

The Sporting elite of the UK and Ireland were oblivious to the benefits for the immediate treatment of injuries and day one post operative healing. In 2007 Carl Froch, WBC Super Middleweight title holder put the therapy firmly on the map and nobody was arguing with him! Since his endorsement, many have followed his lead, with professional footballers, golfers (the legendary Eammon Darcy included) and their physiotherapists talking excitedly about this new effective approach which meant they could now intensify the effects of their techniques and apply immediately after injury.

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General Surgery Aftercare

Never in the history of surgery aftercare has there been a therapy that could be applied Day One post surgically to help expediate the natural healing process. DEEP OSCILLATION® has made a positive and welcome change to surgical aftercare protocols. With DEEP OSCILLATION®, swellings and oedemas can be relieved pre- and postoperatively considerably faster than with conventional therapies. Because it can be used at an extremely early stage, wound healing processes are stimulated and accelerated, local inflammation is inhibited and pain is significantly reduced over a sustained period. Scar quality is improved. It is an ideal conjunct to routine surgery aftercare, e.g. in oncology,neurology and traumatology. Due to its gentle effect it is used as a first line therapy for conditions after e.g. transplantation, mastectomia, caesarean section, osteosynthesis, endoprosthesis

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Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare

DEEP OSCILLATION® can be applied from the first day post operative which means patients can rehabilitate in a far quicker timescale than has previously been possible. Bruising, swelling and pain reduce as the daily treatment works on shuffling and transporting the excess inflammatory matter (in evidence after surgery) to the lymph system for removal. Once the area is drained, it is able to regenerate

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DEEP OSCILLATION® can be applied as treatment to the wounded area or it's immediate surroundings. There is a visible improvement of decongestion and supply, enhancing a dynamic wound healing.

DEEP OSCILLATION® and Burns Study:

03.06.2010. The current edition of the "Cuban Revista Cubana de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación" contains a study of Dr. Solangel Hernández Tápanes et al. on the treatment of second-degree burns.

The most important conclusion of this study is the faster wound healing in comparison to the control group; in patients treated with DEEP OSCILLATION® epithelisation proved to be complete 5 days before the patients of the control group.

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22.05.2010: The results of this study suggest that a treatment series with DEEP OSCILLATION® massage has a long lasting effect on symptoms of Fibromyalgia, pain and quality of life. As it was well tolerated, it may be a useful and safe tool for the symptomatic treatment of FMS.

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The NHS recognised Lipoedema as a condition in October 2012.

What is Lipoedema? Lipoedema is a chronic, hereditary and genetic disorder of the adipose tissue (or body fat) which can be both disfiguring and painful. It predominantly affects women (although men can also suffer) from the age of puberty and beyond. Sufferers may have a normal slim (upper) body shape but a much larger disproportionate lower body below the waist without changes made to diet or exercise regime, in some cases, upper arms are effected too. As Lipoedema progresses, additional, expanding fat cells interfere with the pathways of lymphatic vessels and sufferers can develop secondary Lymphoedema and it then becomes known as Lipo-Lymphoedema. The effects of Lipoedema on the patient can also cause great psychological distress for the sufferer. It is very important for people with Lipoedema to eat a healthy diet and follow a programme of low impact exercises such as swimming, walking or cycling.

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Respiratory Disorders

In the treatment of respiratory conditions, DEEP OSCILLATION® is applied gently to the entire thorax, for the first part of the treatment session with effleurage stroking of the fingertips, followed by slow effleurage stroking of both hands. The hand held applicators provide the opportunity for daily self management.

DEEP OSCILLATION® acts quickly to provide a gentle and efficient relaxation of the respiratory musculature with mucolytic effect; promoting an immediate feeling of well-being.

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