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About PhysioPod® UK Ltd and DEEP OSCILLATION®

Research and development of DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy began in the early Eighties when physiotherapists, Hans Seidl and Wolfgang Walder commenced work at The Municipal Hospital in Amberg, Germany....

Working in very close collaboration with PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG, the leading producers of high-quality innovative physical therapy equipment their combined hard work was rewarded in 1988, when PHYSIOMED were granted patency for DEEP OSCILLATION®. It was re-granted in 2002. This therapy in a range of products, is now exported to more than 83 countries worldwide, for use in sports rehabilitation, aesthetics and in clinical environments.

Arrival of DEEP OSCILLATION® in the UK came about when PhysioPod® UK Limited (now trademarked) was set up by Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling in 2006, to import DEEP OSCILLATION® devices for distribution throughout the UK and Ireland.

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